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missing item

If you are missing an item from your order you can report it here. We are sorry we made an error! Thanks for helping us track these as we continue to improve!

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delivery error

If you have received a text message letting you know your order has arrived but you have not received anything, let us know here! We will contact your delivery driver as soon as possible and let you know your order status!

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quality issue

If you received a meal that has a quality issue, we want to hear about it! We review all of the feedback weekly and work to make improvements and investigate issues. If you require a refund, we will process those based on your input in this form.

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frequently asked questions

What cities do you deliver to?

We are currently delivering in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, the Greater Vancouver Area, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina & The Greater Toronto Area! This includes smaller cities surrounding Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Calgary, and Toronto. You can find a full list of our active cities by clicking here.

We are excited to expand! If you want Inspired Go where you are, please request your location through this form.

How do I qualify for free delivery?

We offer free deliverys on orders of $65 and up!

What is the minimum order?

We are so happy to be delivering to your doorstep. With this service, we require a $40 minimum purchase (4 meals) with each order. Our delivery fee is $6.95 for orders under $65. Between our salads, breakfast kits, healthy snacks, drinks and fresh add on options we are confident you will happily get to our minimum order amount!

How do I sign up for a subscription service?

To sign up, visit our menu, select your meals, and hit "Subscribe + Save" at checkout to sign up. Through our Subscription Service you are able to save 5% on every order, you can select the frequency that you want your orders to arrive, and you can adjust the items you receive each time.

Our service makes it easy to pause your orders from arriving, skip your delivery for the upcoming week, or cancel your subscription with a few mouse clicks. Learn more here.

If I order now, when will my delivery arrive?

When checking out you will be able to select a delivery date from our calendar dropdown. Order before 10pm MST on your order cut-off date to receive your order on your prefered day. You can sign up for order reminders here. You can find our delivery schedule and order cut-offs here.

The following windows are the times that we are out delivering orders in each city. You will receive an email before your delivery that will outline a smaller window that your order will arrive. You will also receive a text message 2 hours prior to your orders arrival, that notifies you your order is on its way, with a live tracker and a message when it arrives.

CALGARY: Sun & Mon: between 10am & 10pm | Friday: between 1pm - 10pm

VANCOUVER: Sun, Mon, Tues: between 10am & 10pm


What if I am not home when you make the delivery?

Not a problem! We deliver in an insulated cooler with ice packs that will help protect your order from the elements. Our delivery bags and all meal packaging are 100% recyclable. We also text you order updates so you can watch for your order!

Can I get text message notifications about my order?

When we schedule your order, you will receive a text message to opt-in to receive updates about your order. We encourage you to reply "2" in order to receive updates for all future deliveries. This will ensure you do not miss any updates if your opt-in expires before you receive your order. Due to Canadian communication laws, when option 1 is selected the shortcode (text message) expires after 72 hours and often this will result in you not receiving any delivery text notifications for your delivery.

On the day of your scheduled delivery, you will receive a tracking link prior to your order being delivered. This tracking link is subject to change if delays occur so feel free to check in throughout the day. Minutes before your order arrives you will receive a second notification letting you know the driver is arriving.

What if I live in an apartment?

Leave us your buzzer code and apartment number so that we know where to leave your delivery. It is best if you have your buzzer set up to let us in when we arrive so that we do not have to leave the order in the lobby. Any notes with your order are helpful!

Can I pick up my order?

We do not currently have a pick-up locations. We are working to expand delivery distribution so that we can deliver to your home instead! You can submit a request for your location here and we will inform you when we have launched your location. Join our email list and stay tuned to our social media channels to hear more.

What if I need to change my delivery address?

Any changes made to your order, delivery day, or delivery location must be processed 5 days prior to your delivery date. You can find our delivery schedule and order cut-offs here. We are unable to make any changes to your order after these cut-off dates have passed. We put the responsibility on you to ensure that you enter valid and up-to-date information when placing your order. This includes (but is not limited to): Address, Unit Number, Buzzer/Access Code, and Phone Number. Email us to process any changes to your order before the cut-off dates:

What do I do if I have an allergy?

At Inspired Go we have processes and procedures in place to attempt to avoid cross contamination between ingredients. Risk of contamination is always possible and we encourage you to be diligent in understanding the severity of your allergy before placing an order and enjoying any Inspired Go meal. Allergens that we recognize within our menu are wheat, milk, egg, sulphites, nuts, sesame, soy, mustard, and fish. We outline the location of each allergen in the images of our meals to help you stay informed and make a buying decision.

Where can I find nutritional information of the meals?

Nutrition facts and complete breakdowns of the salad and the dressing can be found on our menu. Click on any image of a meal to find more information. You can view nutritional information for all meals here.

What if I don't like an ingredient?

We package our meals so that the ingredients are separated. This allows for them to stay fresh for longer and if there is an item you don't care for, you can choose to not include it in your meal!

How big is each meal?

Enjoy the salads and bowls as a full meal or enjoy it as a side salad for two people!

How long will my meals last?

Our fridge life ranges from 5-7 days. You can find a fridge life for all of our meals on our menu and listed on our labels. The number of days listed applies from the time you receive your order. You will see a sticker on our meals which is a lot number. These numbers help us with tracking and quality control of our meals. If you are reporting an issue with your meal, you can provide us with these lot numbers. The only items that you will find the best before date sticker on will be the items that contain meat and/or egg protein. Our meals are able to last because of our patent packaging, which separates ingredients and keeps items fresher for longer!

What is the referral program?

Tell your friends how much you love Inspired Go by sharing your unique discount link. When a friend places an order using your link they will receive $15 off their first order and you will also be sent an email with a $15 discount code. Visit this link to refer your friends!

What kind of packaging do you use for meals?

At Inspired Go we believe in doing good for our bodies and the world. Sustainability is an ongoing conversation, and this means continuous change and adaptation. Our #1 grade PETE containers are 100% recyclable, made using less energy, and are made with recycled material because they can be recycled an endless amount of times. Wash your containers and recycle them!

After some serious research and investment into compostable packaging, we are avoiding the serious negative effects that these products are having on our recycling stream. Instead, we are making large investments into packaging research for the produce industry as a whole so that we are able to sustainably and ethically recycle and compost in facilities that are available to the Canadian market. We are excited to update you as strides are made in our research! You can stay up to date with new information here.

I have a product or service and want to partner with you. How do I reach out?

You can reach out to us to tell us more by filling out this form!

recyclable packaging

Our #1 grade PETE containers are 100% recyclable, made using less energy, made with recycled material, and we are working to do better! We are making large investments into packaging research for the produce industry as a whole. Our vision is to have all compostable packaging that actually composts in your backyard (instead of needing massive US facilities). We are excited to update you as strides are made in our research!

separated ingredients

We package our salads and bowls in patent packaging that allows the ingredients to be separated. This means your meals stay fresher longer and if there is an item you don’t care for you can choose to not include it in your meal!

subscribe & save

Want an order each week? Subscribe to Inspired Go and save 5%! You can skip a week or cancel anytime you like. You can also alter the items in your subscription every week!