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Ready-to-eat salads starting at $11 delivered in Edmonton - no subscription required!

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ready-to-eat meals starting at $9
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Select your favourite chef-crafted and fresh meals from our online menu, with no subscription required.


Delivered on the day of your choice. Get free delivery on orders over $65.


Enjoy a healthy week with no cooking required and meals stay fresh for up to 7 days.

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Welcome to Edmonton's favourite meal delivery service. Enjoy a healthy week with no cooking quired. Meals stay fresh for 7 days. Delivered on the day of your choice, with no subscription required.

$12.50  | 620 cal

$11.50  | 740 cal

$12  | 50cal

$12  | 530 cal

reasons you'll love inspired go

save time

✔ Skip grocery shopping, meal prep and cleanup.

✔ Delivery to your home or office.

✔ Meals arrive fresh and ready-to-eat.

✔ 100% sealed as a perfect grab-and-go lunch.

save money

✔ Say goodbye to unused produce and food waste..

✔ Perfectly portioned for one serving.

✔ Meals stay fresh in you fridge all week long thanks to our patented packaging.

✔ Canadian greenhouse grown lettuce in all meals.

never get bored

✔ New meals are launched every month!

✔ Never resort to junk food or takeout after a long day again.

✔ Eat meals that you’re proud of without any compromise.

✔ Put your food choices on autopilot and stick to your ideal diet easily.

what (real) people say

You're making us blush, please continue!

We decided to try out this service to save a bit of time on meal prep and add more variety to our weekly lunch routine. I would give 5/5 for freshness and quality of ingredients!

April M.

Edmonton, AB

We ordered a week of salads 9 months ago just to try them. We got hooked and we are still getting their meals weekly! The food is delicious and so fresh - including the meals we don't get to until the end of the week's order. New/additional choices appear regularly. Email communication is fast and helpful. Staff is there to make customers happy and are responsive to feedback and requests. As a regular customer, I have to say, it's great not to have to do daily meal prep or a lot of grocery shopping!

Kate B.

Vancouver, BC

This food delivery service is fresh, healthy and delicious. Been ordering for over a month and the food quality and variety is excellent. I love how quick, easy and no mess dinner has become. It is Canadian company that checked all the boxes; fresh, sustainable, and best of all - no subscription obligation and very affordable. It costs the same as my grocery store or less per week and delivered right to my door - it is much more convenient; oh, and I haven’t thrown out or wasted anything. So I love, love, love Inspired Go.

Angela G.

Winnipeg, MB

I can't say enough good things about this company. The quality, taste, and professionalism is next level. I've tried many food delivery services but find the freshness of this product a notch above the rest. Please keep doing exactly what you're doing!!

Justin S.

Calgary, AB

I had been struggling to find the time to meal prep during our busy weekends. This has made my life so much easier and given me much more time back with my kids. Also - they're delicious! I look forward to lunch and definitely get my veggies in now! The portion is huge.. I add some chicken for protein and then I'm full until supper!

Michaela V.

Edmonton, AB

I've tried quite a few meal delivery plans but nothing has been as consistently satisfying as the Inspired Go salads. I order them for delivery on Sunday and have a week's worth of lunches - healthy, easy, and delicious! And the delivery packaging is actually so smart .. . no bulky boxes but instead nice bags that can be used again. Plus, if I don't want to reuse the bag, I don't even need to recycle because they offer to pick it up on the next delivery! So happy I've discovered Inspired Go!

Jhansy S.

Calgary, AB

I've never been into meal delivery services but this company changed my mind. I have yet to receive anything from Inspired Go that wasn't amazing. The delivery service is trackable and convenient, the subscription is easy to opt out of when you want to, and the choices are sublime. Seriously can't recommend enough. The portions are very sizeable and you get such quality ingredients. I sound like an ad but I'm not being paid; it's just that good. Period.

Misty H.

Edmonton, AB

I love the convenience, variety and healthy options Inspired Go offers! Inspired go has made lunch meal planning a breeze. I will never go back to meal prepping lunches myself!

Shelley R.

Winnipeg, MB

I'm guilty of making the same salad over and over again. My gf recommended I try Inspired Go to change it up a bit. What it's really done is two things: given me a great variety of salads to eat 3 or 4 times a week, and secondly, changed my meal prep for the better. Now I cook a tray of chicken breasts on Sunday and cut up one and add to each salad as part of my meal planning for the week. Super fast, nutritious and really delicious. There isn't a salad that the chicken doesn't compliment. It also eliminates food waste at the end of the week as I'm not discarding leftover vegetables! Happy to recommend Inspired Go!

Paul T.

Winnipeg, MB

Inspired Go is such a fabulous, efficient and delicious service. Their menu has great healthy offerings. Regardless of what you're looking for, there's a variety of options to help make your week a lot easier. Sometimes I just don't have time to meal prep on Sunday so Inspired Go has been a huge help. Their delivery service is flexible and allows you to conveniently track the order on your phone so you know when it will be dropped off in a timely manner. Can't say enough good things!

Alex K.

Regina, SK

The best decision you I'll ever make! We have never been happier with a meal delivery service. The product we recieve is ALWAYS as fresh on day 5 as 1, and the quality is as if we have picked the veggies ourself from our garden. We now have ZERO food waste, more time, and a healthier lifestyle, thanks to Inspired Go. Recipes we can alternate to stay excited with our meals, on their own or when pairing with dinner. It only took one week to get us hooked!!

Candice J.

Vancouver, BC

Inspired Go has been a lunchtime staple in our house. We usually order 4 salads each per week and it makes planning work week lunches a breeze! Their recipes are always unique and the ingredients are always fresh. And with the rising cost of fresh vegetables at the grocery store, it's absolutely a relief on our wallets that we can get such large salads with such fresh ingredients for such a reasonable price! If you're looking for a healthy and easy food delivery program that makes eating healthy a simple choice - give Inspired Go a try!

Justin M.

Vancouver, BC

Every order has the freshest tastiest lettuce one could hope for. And all salads are creative and make my meal prep so much easier. They also stay fresh well after the date listed on the package. We love these meals!

Mary Lynne O.

Vancouver, BC

No brainer!!! DELISH salads and save me on Sunday meal prep for the week. Highly recommend.

Brittany R.

Vancouver, BC

I'll be honest, was very hesitant to order due to many issues with meal delivery in the past, but gave it a try anyway. So glad I did! Salads were way beyond my expectations, especially the one I ate 5 days after it was delivered! If you want to eat healthy, simply, and affordably, I suggest trying it out!

Kray M.

Kelowna, BC

SOOOO GOOD!!!! These salads are DELICIOUS! So affordable too. Inspired Go has changed the way I eat. It's so nice to finally have a meal delivery service that caters to people who are single and live alone. BONUS - No subscription required, Wahoo!

Kelly B.

Calgary, AB

These salads are really, really delicious. I've used a few meal delivery services, and this one is fantastic. The salads are really tasty, very fresh, and easily last 7 days in the fridge. Highly recommend, and have already gotten a few of my friends hooked on them!

Lauren W.

Vancouver, BC

Impressed at how tasty these salads were! Love that they deliver and offer healthy, convenient options at a decent price. After my first order I switched to a subscription for bi-weekly deliveries which has helped me save lots of time in the kitchen I'd normally spend meal prepping.

Tanya E.

Vancouver, BC

So great, an easy way to meal prep lunch. Everything taste so good even combinations I would never have thought of. Love inspired go!

Katie W.

Edmonton, AB

After trying so many "meal prep" and meal delivery options in an effort to source healthy, delicious meals, this service ACTUALLY delivers! The salads are amazing! They stay super fresh all week, high quality ingredients, really superb salad dressings and make having a healthy lunch so easy. These are a lifesaver postpartum and I can't say enough great things about the salads themselves, the delivery efficiency, and overall experience. The Caesar salad and the Dill Crunch are my favorite salads. LOVE this service!!

Maureen D.

Calgary, AB

This was the first time that I used a meal service and everything about Inspired Go exceeded my expectations! The low calorie salad selection, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service are all exceptional! Above all, the meals are simply delectable, healthy, and ready to go when I come home from work. I highly recommend you give them a try, especially the Fraiche Noodle Salad with a dressing that it totally to die for!!

Colleen H.

Edmonton, AB

This is the best invention of meal deliveries EVER!! I have ordered multiple times and all salads are fresh, and as described. If you tried to make these salads there is no way you would make the varierty offered for the price! Let's be honest ... how many of you bought a ton of veggies, and spinach/salad mix that isn't even good enough for a smoothie as they expire so fast?? Inspired go is the way to go!! Thank you for giving me my Sunday back....meal prep (check)!

Kris H.

Kelowna, BC

Best food delivery I've ever had! Always fresh and they keep me posted on exactly when my delivery will arrive!

Kerri M.

Vancouver, BC

Inspired Go has become my go to for healthy quick meals. I love that I can have a fresh salad for dinner and the snack packs are perfect for lunch. As a busy professional finding the time to cook and meal prep is now time I can spend doing something else. I have been ordering from Inspired Go for three months and will continue to use their services for my go to fresh salads and snack packs.

Kristi H.

Calgary, AB

I am loving this meal delivery service. It helps me get my greens, veggies and fruits weekly and I throw less produce away when purchasing from the stores. I like the GF, DF options a lot :) I am so happy with the Superfood, Thai and Blueberry salads. Always on repeat!!!

Bonita M.

Kelowna, BC

frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Choose any 4 or more meals to be delivered to your home. When checking out, you can schedule your delivery for the day you would like to receive it. There is no subscription required!


What if I'm not home for delivery?

Not a problem! We deliver in an insulated cooler with ice packs. We also text you when you order arrives!