Family Sized Mandarin Sesame Salad


This light and fresh recipe is inspired by a traditional Chinese Salad. This modern version is an approachable recipe fit for the whole family! It features sweet mandarin oranges that are accentuated by the nutty vinaigrette dressing that features beautiful asian flavours - making you come back for more. Enjoy this sweet and crunchy recipe that is rich in Vitamin C, B6, K1, and magnesium as well as anti-oxidants, heart-healthy plant compounds, and a great source of plant protein!

fresh mandarin oranges • chow mein noodles • green onion • fresh carrots • inspired greens • red cabbage • pea shoots • homemade ginger sesame dressing

SALAD CALORIES: 70 cal per serving (4 total) |  DRESSING CALORIES: 280 cal per serving (4 total)

GLUTEN SENSITIVE: found in chow mein noodles & dressing

Family Sized Mandarin Sesame Salad