Garden Medley Salad

CHAR caesar salad

740 cal | 5 day fridge life

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Top Chef Connie Desousa and John Jackson really outdid themselves with this fan favourite recipe. The dressing is the real winner of the show, with a combination of fresh herbs and simple whole ingredients, you will be licking out your bowl! Experience the best Caesar salad you have ever eaten.

key ingredients

  • shaved parmesan
  • toasted croutons
  • bacon
  • fresh lemon
  • juicy grape tomatoes
  • inspired greens
  • CHAR chef signature homemade caesar dressin

ingredient health benefits



Lemons contain a great amount of vitamin C which helps increase your immunity and protect you from infections such as colds. It can also do wonders for your skin by clearing it up!



Low calorie and a great source of fiber, grape tomatoes are a great addition to any meal. They contain Vitamin A, which support ee, bone, and skin health and protects against infection.



Our greens are grown without the use of pesticides - good for you and the environment. Lettuce also aids with hydration, bone strength, vision, and sleep. Eat up for Vitamin A, C, and iron!

nutrition information







DAIRY SENSITIVE: found in parmesan cheese, croutons, and dressing
GLUTEN SENSITIVE: remove croutons

INGREDIENTS: parmesan, croutons, bacon bits, lemon, grape tomato, lettuce, dill, greek yogurt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, mayonnaise, parsley CONTAINS: milk (parmesan, and dressing), wheat (croutons), egg (dressing)

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