5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Inspired Go 

Here are the big five reasons why tens of thousands of Canadians are switching to Inspired Go's ready-to-eat healthy meals.

1. Ultra Fast, Easy, & Convenient

When you get hungry there is no cooking required, you just mix everything together in the provided container and eat away. Gone are the days of sacrificing a healthy meal for something quick an easy. Inspired Go is the answer!

2. Dozens of Different Meal Options

To keep you on the healthy eating train we have to make things interesting. We fiercely avoid your tastebuds getting bored. We launch a new meal almost every week. 

3. No More Shopping or Cooking

All Inspired Go meals come prepared and ready-to-eat. Part of the barrier to eating a healthy salad is that you have to do all of the grunt work to make it.

4. Eating Healthy Can Be Delicious

Our meals are expertly paired to create delicious flavour profiles that you will crave. Between a mix of fresh, nutritious ingredient we put a lot of work and development into our dressing to ensure they are fresh, full of whole ingredients, and tasty!

5. Meals Last Up to Seven Days

That's right! We separate ingredients in our patent packaging. This means that your meal with last longer and you can remove any ingredients you do not care for. You can order your meal prep for the entire week and still have them fresh and appetizing by the end of the week.

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