Winskill Dolphins


Happy New Year!

We are excited to partner with healthy meal delivery company, Inspired Go to raise funds for our swim club!

Support us by purchasing gift cards or ordering meals using the code: WINSKILLDOLPHINS

You receive free shipping on all orders and delicious, ready-made meals delivered right to your door! Our swim club receives 15% of all sales with our code.

option 1: order home delivery

  • Place orders for home delivery. Enter the code WINSKILLDOLPHINS in the discount code & gift card box to ensure our team receives credit for those sales. There is no limit to the # of orders per household.

option 2: purchase gift cards

  • To purchase gift cards in support of the fundraiser, please click the button below.
  • Select the gift card value and follow the prompts to add it to your cart & checkout. At checkout, enter the code WINSKILLDOLPHINS in the discount code & gift card box.
  • Once you have purchased your gift card(s), you are sent virtual card(s) via email with 2 options:

    1) view gift card
    (if the gift card is for your use)

    Use the gift card code at checkout when ordering meals on Inspired Go's website.

    2) send gift card
    (if you would like to gift it to someone)

    Select a recipient, date, and time that you would like the gift card emailed. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, or just because!

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